Why is my published screen/video black/blank in the chrome browser in Articulate Studio 360 review link?

I have created one course with videos in an articulate studio. I have published it into the studio review link and when I view the course in the articulate studio 360 review link, it is working fine in IE, IE Edge, and Firefox browsers.

Videos of course are not playing properly in the chrome browser. when I open the review link, when I click with the mouse at any place, it's working fine, without click any place videos screens/slides are showing blank/black screen.

Any solution to this issue?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Mohan,

Thanks for sharing what you're experiencing! We do have a bug reported for Studio 360, where videos are not automatically playing when the slide is set to advance automatically in Chrome.

Do you have your slide set to advance automatically, or do you have it set by the user? Our support engineers can also take a look and confirm what you're seeing if you're able to share your file with us!