Ability to invert Image & Text block positioning on mobile

Aug 08, 2021

The Image & Text block has the option to change the position of the image from left to right. There should be an additional option to invert the image position for mobile portrait view. Right now if you want the text to appear on the left side of the screen on landscape view, the image must appear below the content on mobile view.

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Eli! 

For mobile, when using right-aligned images in the image & text block, these will show the image under (or after) the text, and left-aligned images show over the text. If you choose the opposite, where the image is left-aligned, then the image will appear before the text on mobile view.

There isn’t a way to manually adjust the way things appear on different devices, so I'll let my team know this is something you'd like to see.