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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marianne!

Articulate 360 Teams can easily collaborate on Rise 360 courses. By adding your new user as a collaborator on your courses, you can create and edit different lessons in a course at the same time or take turns fine-tuning the same lesson. 

Here's how:

  1. Go to your Rise 360 dashboard and open the course on which you want to collaborate.
  2. Click Settings in the upper right corner of the editor and select the Collaborators tab. (You can also click Share and choose View collaborators to get to the same screen.)
  3. Enter an email address for each team member who should have access to the course and click Invite.
  4. Click Close in the upper right corner to return to the course editor. 

I hope that helps you!

Glen Duffield

Also wondering a similar thing - but the key part of my question is 'ALL' my courses... we have a hundred or so at the moment and doing this 'add as a collaborator' to each course certainly isn't fun - or extensible if we bring on more people/rise licences in the future when course numbers have grown further... Any bulk ways of doing this...?

Jon Peden

Hi Articulate team, We really should have a way for bulk adding courses to collaborate with other staff. 

But most importantly why can't an admin see all the courses on the account, this seems obvious from a maintenance and oversight requirement. This wouldn't even require a more complex UI of choosing which courses for which staff. If you have to have a setting then it can be just a 'let admins view and edit all course' toggle. 

We are thinking of bringing on another admin person to have access to field client questions when someone is away but I'm put off by the need to go through and individually share the courses and expect the other staff to share it with them every time they create a new course! Come on Articulate. 

Kim Franklin

I am not sure why we don't have any easy way to share courses within a team with Rise?

I have 4 other people in my team who I need to individually add by typing their email address in full to each course, then individually change their access from Course Collaborator to Course Manager.

It's frustrating as I have created 13 courses this year so far. So that's repeating the above process 13 times for 4 people.

We are supposed to be in this great revolution of collaboration and cloud computing, yet it seems some platforms don't want to make it easy. An easy way would be to do what Vyond does - allow you to add something to your Team's Shared Library. If you want to change the permissions to Course Manager, then this could be done by selecting the group of people and applying that level of access. 

I can only imagine how frustrating it is for people in larger teams who are trying to collaborate, its a lot of admin time that we could be spending developing content, our actual job! 

Laura Chellingworth

I think this is semi-related to the above topic however is there a way to have more than one course owner? Being a collaborator does allow me to edit the course however I am unable to refresh review links or share links with other users so I am constantly having to ask the course owner to do this for me which is so frustrating. If the course owner was given a menu of things the collaborators are able to do this would be great!

Sam Barnard

Adding my two cents here as well to join the what seems to be every growing pool of users who wish to have better team integration with Rise.

There's another forum thread (LINK) that discuses the limitations of Rise 360's lack of proper team integration and I'd appreciate better functionality here as well. That forum thread has posts going back as far as 4 years with the most recent posts being 10 and 5 months ago asking if there's been an update. However, there has not been any communication from Articulate staff to such queries despite one staff member tagging the thread.

By extension, in the past 4 yrs, if only looking at the older thread and this one, one can only assume in 4 years, nothing has been done to improve this lack of team integration with Rise.

Hazel Bartolome

Hi everyone! We are excited to share that we have released Rise 360 Team Folders! You can now create shared team folders in Rise 360 to organize your content and share content with collaborators even faster. We know this has been a popular feature request and we can't wait for you to finally check it out!

Your Rise 360 dashboard will look a little different, but don't worry. You can find all of your content, personal and shared, in the My View section. If you run into any snags or have additional questions about Rise 360 Team Folders, our team is available in this discussion or in a support case.