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Mar 15, 2018

I am developing courses in RISE and I would like to customize the Quiz Results page similar to how I can in articulate 360.  The final message I want all learners to see before exiting the course is;

"Congratulations!" you have successfully completed this course. 

Since I am putting a final quiz at the end.  This message will only display if they get the passing score.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can do this effectively in RISE?

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Katie Riggio

Hey, Heather – that's a great question! 

The Quiz Results page below in Rise is built-in with the formatting determined. In addition to changing the text on that page, are there any other ways you'd like to customize that page? I'd love to pick your brain and share your feedback with our product team ☺️


Here are some suggestions in the meantime:

  • Could you create a custom quiz in Storyline 360 and add it to your Rise course by using a Storyline block?
  • Rise includes a quiz setting where you can require a passing score for your learners to continue. Perhaps you could enable that setting, and include a final blocks lesson with your "Congratulations! you have successfully completed this course." message? Your learners would only be able to progress to that message if they pass the quiz.

I hope this helps!

LaVon Bowman


I also have a Rise course with a final quiz and I also want to display a Congratulations message if they pass the quiz. I went to the setting page for the Final Quiz. I set the "Require Passing Score to Continue" to on. I do NOT see anywhere that allows me to put in that message if they pass. Please be more specific on how to cause the Congratulations message to display. A peek video would be helpful.

Thank you,


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