Adding a Rise lesson after the course is live on the LMS


I have a Rise SCORM course that is live on our LMS. I'm now wanting to add a brief lesson at the start that gives the course length and suggestions for studying. However I don't want to damage the reporting for users who are part way through the course. 

Does anyone know the impact of adding content once live?

I'm imagining that if they have partly completed lessons they will now also have an incomplete lesson at the start. The worse case scenario would be the lesson progress was disrupted so the wrong lessons were reporting as complete.

Does each lesson have a unique identifier? And how robust is it? What changes would change such an identifier?



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out! When you update (overwrite) existing course files in your LMS or web server, learners who previously started the course won't be able to resume where they left off. They'll start the course over and their progress will be reset. 

The course identifier shouldn't unless you modify the course title.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Paul Tottle


I've found that on our Totara LMS I can change text, update a pdf that is downloaded in a block, etc. without affecting the progress reporting. That is, the ticks and circles in the left menu of the  Rise course continue to show the same locations. That's without me doing any tricks to the SCORM unique identifier. 

I just wondered how far I could push this. I guess the answer is, then, don't push it any further! Maybe the consequences are LMS dependent.