Adding image captions to images within tabs

Jul 07, 2020

Hi everyone, is there a way to add captions to images within tabs in Rise? 

In accordion tabs, standard tabs, and process blocks there is no option to add captions as there is when working with a single image or an image gallery. 

I can "fake" a caption by adding the text underneath my body text within the tab, but this is not ideal.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Natalie!

Could you use an image editor or PowerPoint to add a small area of white space below the image? Here's how you could achieve that with PowerPoint:

  • Insert the image on a PowerPoint slide.
  • Add a text box below the image, and type the caption text there.
  • Holding down the SHIFT key, select both the image and the text box. 
  • Right-click on the edge of the selection, and choose Save as Image.
  • Save the image to your hard drive. 

Let me know if that would be an option for you!

Jess May


I have been having the same problem! I create online courses for a medical association, so I frequently need to use photos from sites like the CDC Public Health Image Library, which are public domain, but need to be given credit; however, I can only give credit in a caption for a photo inserted as a gallery item. I would prefer to chunk my text with photos in interactive blocks like tabs and accordions. Adding the caption in a photo editor is not a great option because, as you mentioned, the citation should have a hyperlink back to the website where you got it (not a typed URL that's several lines long and takes a lot of space away from the image, and is distracting). Using the alt text feature in lieu of a caption is not a great alternative, either, or the appropriate use for that feature.

I frequently have to forgo photos in my interactive blocks because I can't give credit in a caption. If there's a way to add this to the Rise wishlist, being able to caption photos in whatever type of block a photo can be inserted would be one of the top items for me!