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Daniel Bolia

Hi Leslie,

Yes, I've used the Image & Text block with left position. The settings options I selected are Image Position = Left; Image Size = 25%; and No Padding.

The Image Position setting determines which side the image will display in relationship to the placeholder text.

The Image Size settings does not resize the image as one might imagine. Instead, it resizes the cell container for the image. Increasing the % settings serves to make the cell width larger. The actual image will always be positioned center-vertically within the cell container. For this reason, when the Image Size setting is increased, the actual image appears to move further right because it is re-centering itself to larger container width.

In short there's not really a work around. The Image & Text block, which consists of one row with two columns (one for image and one for text), works as designed. It is also responsive as designed, but does not work for my specific requirement.

Currently there's a block element for Image Centered only. I've already submitted a feature request for an Image Left and Image Right block elements.