Adding More Resources to Accordion Feature

Aug 02, 2017

Hey Everyone!

I'm testing out Rise as a possible option for a creating a resource bank. The initial idea was to create a very basic list format with the respective attachment for each bullet item. I want to try creating this using the accordion feature, unfortunately I can only add one resource (a video or picture). Is there a hack that will allow us to add more than one resource?



Item one (video + pdf + mp3)

Item two (pdf + xls)

Item three (pdf + mp3)

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Elizabeth Durham

Hi- is there a way to add a pdf file to the accordion feature? Also is there a way to add more than one attachment to the accordion? For example implementing the option of deleting an item and the option of deleting a description to allow for the learner to review 2 or more videos, images, or pdfs? thanks!

Accordion screen shot

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elizabeth!

If your PDF file is hosted on a web server and you have a direct link to it, you can hyperlink the text to the PDF. Hyperlinking makes it easy to link to as many PDF files as you like.

Each section in the accordion block can hold one image or one video, but not multiple. Can you tell me more about what you had in mind with multiple images or videos? I may be able to suggest an alternative design that'll work for you!

Elizabeth Durham

Thanks for the feedback on the PDF's.

So we have two videos that we would like to upload into possibly a stacked accordion feature. I just remembered we have this feature in Brightcove and will try to host a group of videos that open in another window. The task is asking learners to review 2 videos on the same topic so we want to keep the videos grouped under one accordion display. Due to the many tasks we assign learners in one lesson, we wanted to try out the accordion feature so the learner does not necessarily need to scroll to the bottom of the page for a quick overview.

3. Watch videos on anatomic ACL reconstruction.

Watch the following videos on anatomic ACL reconstruction.


Margharita Nehme

Hi - are there any plans to expand on this feature? I would like to use the accordion feature for an FAQ doc. Under each question, I have steps I would like to list with corresponding visual. Not sure how else to create in Rise without having to force a user to go through all the questions and only select the one they are interested in reviewing.