An Incomplete Storyline Block Still Activates "Continue" Button

Mar 01, 2018

So here was my workaround idea for the fact that you can't have a Storyline block send quiz results information to Rise.

My quiz in Storyline has an additional slide at the end. If they pass, they make it to that slide, and then the Continue button in Rise appears. Then when they click continue, my LMS detects that the Rise course was completed, and gives credit.

If a learner fails, they don't make it to that additional slide; thus, the Continue button in Rise should not appear, because they have not 'completed' the entire Storyline block.

Unfortunately it didn't work. Rise seemed to detect that the quiz was completed, and whether you pass or fail, the Continue button appears. Can anyone think of how to help me with this? 

Using Rise is superior to importing the Storyline directly into my LMS for reasons I won't bore you with.

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