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Cameron Ward

I really think that this feature would be extremely helpful. I know that you guys currently integrate with SCORM (which is a well-outdated technology) as well as some very minimal integration with the xAPI, but I really think that having the ability to pull content (functionally as a webpage) from Rise into an LMS, that would be very impactful. We have relied heavily on Rise over the last few years and have used it to author our instructional content in our LMS (Canvas). However, we are running into major scalability concerns because the content cannot be easily pulled into the LMS and because the process of adding collaborators, storing Rise presentations in folders, and exporting in Rise are all not currently built to work at scale.

Cameron Ward

In terms of a more extensive API structure, here is my wishlist for API features.

  • At the institution level and also the user or account level:
    • Get a list of courses, including information regarding who owns the course, who the collaborators are, etc.
    • Delete one or numerous Rise courses
  • For one or numerous Rise courses:
    • get a list of collaborators with their roles etc.
    • get a list of owners
    • add one or numerous collaborators
    • remove one or numerous collaborators
    • change the role of one or numerous collaborators
    • transfer ownership to a given user
    • filter the course(s) under a folder
    • export the courses as a given export type (web, pdf, etc.)