API to extract rise+storyline content for translation

Mar 12, 2021

Our online materials consist of a mix of rise and storyline content. We are looking into ways to automate the localization. Is there an automated way to extract everything in one step, or to combine multiple xliff files into a single import? 

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Lea Agato

Hi Valentina! Since Rise and Storyline are two different authoring tools, you need to translate your Rise and Storyline courses separately.  

Here's how to translate Rise 360 courses. And this article explains how to translate Storyline 360 courses.

Hopefully, other members of the community will be able to offer ideas on how to get this done.  


Valentina B

Hi Lea, thanks for the answer. I have followed the instructions below, but I am stuck with importing storyline content.

The storyline content is an exercise for the learners that is embedded as a block inside a rise lesson; to be precise, it is added as "interactive >> storyline" in rise. I have the .xlf files for the rise content (which does not contain any of the embedded storyline content -- it would be perfect if it did but this is not possible as you say, correct?), and for the storyline content.

How do I add the translated storyline back into the rise file? Just to be clear: I need a similar effect as adding an "interactive >> storyline" 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Vale! 

After you translate the Storyline content, publish the Storyline content to Review 360 as a new item. 

Then, open your translated Rise 360 course and delete the Storyline block. Insert a new Storyline block, and choose the translated Storyline slides.  

Let me know if that's what you had in mind!