Media Library - Rise

Jan 07, 2021


Is there a way to export all the images or media content from a course in Rise? It would be great to know if there's something like the Media Library in Storyline that allows you to extract all the images/audios/videos at once.

At the moment, I export the course and extract the content from there. However, all the items lose their names and get random long names.

Thank you!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Valeria! 

It sounds like you already know how to export a Rise 360 course for Web and check the assets folder for all of the course's media files, is that right? Like you mentioned, the media file names change during the export process, and it can be difficult to identify the files you need.

While Rise 360 doesn't have a media library like Storyline 360 does, I'd be happy to share your idea with our Product team! If we ever add that kind of feature to Rise 360 in the future, we'll let you know.