Are there any Rise settings for the final SCORM dimensions in the LMS?

Mar 29, 2023

Hi, we're having an issue with SCORMs appearing in unideal ways in our LMS (Talent).  The cover image of the Rise course is sometimes cut off, on larger monitors (which seems like it could be an issue with Rise); and the SCORM box on these same monitors is an odd dimension, where there's a lot of blank space under the SCORM. The Talent support team says that their boxes are reactive to the dimensions of the user's monitor and that it may be a setting in Rise. Does anyone know if there's a setting in Rise that might effect the dimensions of the SCORM and its content in the LMS?  I haven't been able to find anything just yet. TYIA!

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Karl Muller

Hi Sonja,

I'm a Rise developer and also the LMS administrator for our organization. 

Rise does not have settings for the SCORM dimensions in the LMS, because the LMS determines how the SCORM course is displayed within the LMS.

We had the same problems you are describing as the LMS interface was taking up some of the browser window space and limited how the Rise course could be displayed. No matter what settings we used, it did not look good.

So we switched to running our courses in a new window, and now the Rise course can use the entire window.