Articulate Rise Courses Not Initializing in Taleo Learn LMS

Oct 29, 2019

We have been using Articulate Rise to author our internal courses almost exclusively since January 2017 with few to no issues (biggest issue was the full screen button not working on videos, which switching to the new course player in Taleo fixed). Suddenly, as of 10/16 any new Rise courses we import will not launch, users just see a gray screen.

No error message is generated. We've logged an SR with Oracle to troubleshoot. They seem to think it is a bookmarking issue only affecting users who previously attempted the course. I'm not convinced this is a bookmarking issue because this is occurring for new, never previously launched, never previously opened courses.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue with courses authored in Rise on their LMS? The courses work fine in SCORMCloud.

The only other solution we have been offered by Oracle is to stop using Rise and use exclusively Articulate Presenter or Articulate Storyline. We love the rapid authoring and standard look and feel of Rise, as well as all the built-in interactive blocks. I would appreciate any words of wisdom you may have for optimizing our Rise courses for use in Taleo Learn. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Crystal. We want you to keep using Rise 360, too!

We are happy to lend a hand and confirm if the output is working normally in another LMS environment. You can share your exported course privately with us here. We'll delete everything when we're done troubleshooting.

Has anyone else in the community had a similar experience with Taleo Learn lately?

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