Articulate Rise: Hiding the Page Title Area

Hi all,

I would like to hide the page title areas on my Articulate Rise pages. I found this 3 minute video on the web that explains exactly what I want, but he is modifying his HTML and CSS on his local computer. I think some folks will agree that his pages look more streamlined without the title area (for some projects).

I understand the basic concepts, but my file structures look different. (I would really be great if there were a feature in settings that allowed me to hide the title areas with a check block:).

Can someone help me out, please.

As always, thanks in advance to all the kind folks who help out.


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Ramona Jones

Let me add my vote to be able to reduce the header area, resize the title bar on the first page. In addition, I would like to be able to add graphics to the text above the lesson outline on the first page. Other desired flexibility to control spacing and flow would be great as well. Having several modes would be great: 1. Out of the box for non designers/non techy people, and 2. Open mode with more flexibility to adjust fonts, spacing between blocks and more control over navigation.  Finally, the 3. Developer mode where we can create or update the CSS and add JavaScript to a lesson. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for adding your voice here! 

For the changes they'd like to see about scrolling - is the hope that they'll click on a button or similar to advance to further lessons or sections? I'd love to know more about their concern, and then I can help with other ideas or share this with our product team!