Articulate Rise: Hiding the Page Title Area

Hi all,

I would like to hide the page title areas on my Articulate Rise pages. I found this 3 minute video on the web that explains exactly what I want, but he is modifying his HTML and CSS on his local computer. I think some folks will agree that his pages look more streamlined without the title area (for some projects).

I understand the basic concepts, but my file structures look different. (I would really be great if there were a feature in settings that allowed me to hide the title areas with a check block:).

Can someone help me out, please.

As always, thanks in advance to all the kind folks who help out.


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Heather Faraci

I too would love this feature. We design courses for different job titles and we are not the SME's just the designer of the materials. I have found where you can hide your name, which is good. I would like to add my own title page, something interactive even. I watched a training where a women used a dog gif in her course. It looked so fun. I want the ability to do that too. 

Anthony Goss

Hi, Alyssa!  Broader customizations to things like hiding page titles should be standard in Rise.  These things can easily be done with CSS, but to avoid us having to go into the code and modify it, it would be good to have a simple checkbox for hiding the page title.


I often build stand alone blocks that I would like to embed inside of my website.  Rather than having them open in a new window, I would like the end user to be able to interact with them on the page.  Labeled graphics are perfect for this purpose.  By being able to hide the page title would make the process much easier.