Articulate Rise: Hiding the Page Title Area

Hi all,

I would like to hide the page title areas on my Articulate Rise pages. I found this 3 minute video on the web that explains exactly what I want, but he is modifying his HTML and CSS on his local computer. I think some folks will agree that his pages look more streamlined without the title area (for some projects).

I understand the basic concepts, but my file structures look different. (I would really be great if there were a feature in settings that allowed me to hide the title areas with a check block:).

Can someone help me out, please.

As always, thanks in advance to all the kind folks who help out.


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Jen McIntosh

You create your own CSS file. It's explained in the video the original poster shared at

But like I mentioned in my earlier reply it appears that the class name has changed since that video was made. I had to use .page__header (no -container) to hide it now. You might want to inspect the html to be sure it hasn't changed again since then.

Lesley Ria Neal

Surely it's up to the elearning designer that knows the course and the audience to decide what the learner should and shouldn't see? Plus with awesome linking text and context there isn't always a need for a title -  it really depends on the course and the look & feel. 

Completely appreciate there is a need for a standard, but having the title area act as a regular block (meaning it can be removed or altered) would be extremely useful for the designer. 

Cass Netzley

Has this feature request been written off by the Articulate dev team or is it on a to-do list? 

Two years later, and this is still a big ask by our instructors and discussed a lot in our things to improve within student feedback. 

Yes, the CSS hack works, but we are constantly making updates to our content and republishing needs to happen rapidly. It's quite cumbersome to do this for over 50+ of always evolving Rise content manuals we've created. 


Ross Wineinger

+1 to this discussion and to the ability to hiding/adjusting Lesson Title or header.

We do a lot of facilitator lead training and our facilitators can introduce a topic if necessary. But I completely understand how this would be a necessity in web based training or self paced training.