Articulate Rise | Translate Languages (Japanese / Spanish / German)

Dec 24, 2017


When can we expect other languages to be available in Articulate Rise? (Japanese / Spanish / German)


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Katie Riggio

Thank you for checking in, Dror!

A translation feature in Rise is definitely on our roadmap, but I do not have a set release date for it yet. I've tagged this thread, and will certainly keep you posted on any news! Our Rise Version History is a great place to check as well, as it's kept up to date.

In the meantime, please keep in mind that you can export text labels. I'll also open the floor to the rest of the community to share tips on how they're currently translating content in Rise.

Ivor Thynne

Hi i have exported the text labels and sent the file to our localization service who have asked the following question:

"Can I ask if there is a specific DTD/INI settings files for this XLIFF you can supply or we can apply the standard settings file in our Translation tool for the original file type (assuming XML or HTML)?"

Can you help me answer please?

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