Attaching resources to a Rise course

Sep 07, 2018

Hi everyone, I have seen that in the player for a Storyline course, resources can be attached. I am assuming I could attach a PDF with hands-on exercise instructions for example. Could something similar be done in Rise? 

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Nicole Legault

Hi Peter!

Yes you could easily accomplish the same in Rise. You could either insult a blocks Lesson and then add a File Attachment block, where you could attach the PDF file. 

If you upload your PDF to a web server or FTP, you could also use that link in a URL/Embed lesson type in Rise. 

You could also insert a Button block type and have the Button link to your PDF that is hosted/lived online. You could also just have a piece of text be hyperlinked to the PDF doc as well.

There's tons of ways to do this in Rise! :)