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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Good point Dawn, like how Facebook and Instagram will start playing the videos as you scroll over them, but not start the audio without a click. I only use the apps myself, so I just took a look at videos within Facebook while viewing in a Safari mobile browser and they didn't auto play (audio or video). So it seems like something they're able to control in app only? 

Anissa Langhorst

I disagree.  I build courses for many large organizations for CE credit and other certifications.  They don't want extra "clicks" when viewing a course.  When it's for continuing education and they get to that part of the course it should have the option to auto play and auto advance.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Mary for sharing here - as it can certainly be a bit of personal preference. As Adam mentioned it was something we didn't include based on the different device experiences and the mobile set up specifically where the audio/video doesn't automatically play (not just within Articulate's courses) but having that additional information from users like yourself will help us continue to keep the conversation going internally and figure out any next steps. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

I know I've seen that example, but I can't seem to find it right now. If you've got a link to it I can follow up and ask, or if the individual user has posted it you can message them using the "contact me" button on their profile to see if they're able to share anything specific that they did. 

The auto play feature isn't something we've included in Rise based on the earlier comments from Adam, but it could be something that the individual author was able to accomplish with something custom.

Casey Rinehart

I was curious about this option as well. I found the Home Depot Rise course (Here), and noticed that the 'videos' are embedded instead of uploaded. Also I'm not sure they are video files, I think they may be gif files - which may explain why the are playing automatically. I'm guessing they used the html coding option in the Rise blocks, and inserted the gif files?

I tried different options to try and get a video to play automatically, including changing the embed code language to include the "&autoplay=1" which did not work. I also tried to code it using the html option and did not get that to work either!

Mary - one option that may help is changing your navigation settings from 'free' to 'restricted'. This won't fix the need for the learner to click 'play' but it might keep them from going to the next section/lesson until they have played that video - I believe?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Casey - I did take a look too and they are using animated images which will appear and play automatically. You can double check that yourself on their course by right-clicking and choosing to open in new tab, you can see the .gif extension.

Hope that clarifies and thanks for finding the link to the course! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janet,

Since Adam's initial response, we haven't added in autoplay of media. Some browsers, such as Chrome and Safari, have also started to block autoplay of media for the same reasons as noted below. Think of the sites you visit where an ad starts playing immediately, and you often can't find where it is on the page to stop it!  

Adam Schwartz

Hey Mary - just a bit more color on this. We have shied away from auto-start of media because it's not a web-standard experience on multi-device. For example, if you were on a site on your phone and all of sudden it started playing audio or video it would be a pretty intrusive experience. 

We'll let you know if anything changes in regards to this request though! 
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kateline,

You can add a Storyline block to Rise as shown here.  

I'm not clear the specifics of what Matt set up, so I'll leave that to him! If you'll be using your Rise course on a mobile device, keep in mind that you'll see the Storyline block with a play button as it's designed to showcase the Storyline course in it's own player. 

Mohammed Yasser

Matt's right about the auto-play behavior of Storyline blocks, and it's a helpful workaround. But as Ashley rightly pointed out, it works only on desktops/laptops.

The way to do this is pretty simple. Create a slide in Storyline and add any text/picture/icon or animation with audio (NOT a video file). Remove menu elements by going to Player and then just publish it to Articulate Review. Add the Storyline block to your Rise course by following the instructions Ashley shared. And it's done!

I've created a sample Rise course here as a demo. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Hope this helps!


I understand what you mean about intrusiveness, it has happened to me during general browsing! But given the controlled environment of a training session we could inform trainees beforehand that there is audio. Just wanted to keep the idea out there:) Or at least an auto start option within the audio section so there is a choice.

Thank you!