Backup please

Mar 19, 2019

Today many of the images in my past courses disappeared for a period of around two or more hours. We were sweating buckets here when we discovered this when we opened an old module merely to change a line of text.

And, in that same moment we were thinking of all the months of work that we have put in, and the difficulty of finding the same content again from the content library if we ever had to rebuild a module. This not helped as the images from the content library appear almost randomly when you use a key word search.

So, is there any way please Articulate to create a backup option for our courses, as if one day for any reason you lose our online content we are in deep deep trouble.

All of our other cloud providers allow us to create a safety back up of our data.

Feature request please.




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Tanya Corlett

Thanks, Nicole,

I've now requested via the link a Simple Archival Backup for Created Content, this to preserve intellectual property in the case of loss of facilities or loss of data integrity. This to be similar to that offered by other Cloud-Based Services.

Some of our customers in regulated industries demand archival fallback to preserve their investments in created content. This doesn't imply offline modification of content or the ability to shift to a different provider. Just plain old practical continuity planning.



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