Best solution for videos in Rise projects exported for LMS

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone would have a good advise on how to host a heavy video in a Rise course. I am talking about 40 MB video.

I will be exporting the course for LMS and the options are 


1. Upload it directly in the Rise course

2. Host it on Youtube or Vimeo and embed it in the Rise course.


Is there a straightforward guidance as to what would work better?

Thanks in advance


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Bobby Jourdan

He there Karl,

Thank you for that. So it would be fair to say that if I have a 50 MB video that is part of the Rise output SCORM file and not hosted on Vimeo/Youtube, it may take longer to load or would have some latency issues when played on our LMS that is hosted on our servers in-house, right?

Thanks again