Best tool to convert a massive training manual?

Aug 15, 2018

At our company, we have this huge Manager's Training manual, about 300 pages or more.  There is a lot of static information, but there are also pages where the trainee fills out forms, such as phone numbers or reflections on the day's training. So, in effect, that huge printed manual becomes individualized to the learner, although all the manuals start off the same. It functions more like a giant workbook.

If I wanted to convert this huge thing to Articulate, what do you think is the best tool for the job? Can Rise handle all that content? And if so, can Rise keep track of an individual's progress in the LMS where it functions like a workbook the student can come back to and pick up where they left off?

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Michael Wood

I just thought about breaking the book up into sections, like Week 1 and Week 2, and making each of those a separate Rise course.  But the questions remains, can it function in the LMS where it remembers various answers the student generated?  For example, I might set up a quiz as an open-ended question and ask how things went that day. Will that answer remain if the user logs out of the LMS and comes back into the course?

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Michael.  Rise would be a great way to convert your static information to a clean, engaging course.  We've got a nice feature article about deciding between Storyline and Rise for different projects.

The one challenge would be open-ended questions.  Currently, Storyline might be a better fit to track learners' open-ended input since it takes advantage of text entry variables that can be remembered across the course, and if learners resume the course later.

I'm excited to see what other input you get from the community!

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