Blank screen after update

Feb 27, 2018

Sure I have seen this mentioned in the forum before but I cannot locate it now (the search function is awful).

If I update my content and re-export it to SCORM, after updating the content on my LMS people who have previously launched the content (and not completed the module) are presented with a blank screen when they re-launch (the updated content). This is an issue unique to Rise courses. Please advise if this is a known / replicatable issue. And if there is something that can be done to resolve.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, everyone! I wanted to share a recent change we made in Rise 360.

Some learners would see a blank page upon resuming a course you've updated in your LMS. You can now choose to reset learner progress when they launch a course. Click here for more information.

Let us know if you have any questions about this enhancement! 

Bo Kristian Olsen

Hi, We've earlier had this issue when doing minor changes on a course, but I've recently tried changing and re-exporting the scorm package on several occasions now and the problem does not seem to happen , for whatever reason.

Before I can recommend our users to start using Rise again, I'd like to know if this is just some random occurence, or if there's been an actual fix for it.
From what I can see the lesson_location provided from Rise seem to be consistent, whereas earlier it changed, which made the error (blank loading screen) as the LMS was trying to retrieve a location that no longer existed in the SCORM package.

Has there been an update that I'm unaware of that's adressed this issue? Given the earlier answers in this thread I'd guess not, but I thought I'd ask anyway. For refrence we're using Moodle 3.5.9 (soon to be Moodle 3.9)



Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Bo! The only update we made was about a year ago when we added the option to reset learner progress when they learners re-launch a course. I'm happy to hear you've seen an improvement recently! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of where the lesson_location appears consistent now? I'd like to take a closer look to see if I can track down some more details for you!

Deb Gyde

I have started having this issue too.  Learners that have completed the course are presented with a blank screen in Review mode in Moodle when accessing the same course after a SCORM swap.  Can someone please advise the best approach for retaining a full course completion? 

This is a big issue for us, as often it's a hyperlink that needs fixing in the Rise course but learners that are complete are being locked out of seeing their completed course and are forced to start a new attempt.  


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deb! If you delete a lesson in your course, then update the course in your LMS, some learners might see a blank page. However, it sounds like you only replaced a hyperlink and didn't delete any lessons.

Our team would love to help! Would you be able to share your original SCORM package and the updated SCORM package with our team? If that works for you, you can submit both files privately by opening a case. We'll compare the two files in our LMS testing environment and let you know what we find! 

Bo Kristian Olsen

The issue doesnt seem to be what content is being changed, but the refrence points sent by the scorm-package after exporting. Which is why Im not quite figuring out why it seemingly just worked for us on a couple of courses with students having started the course / scorm, then changing part of the content and re-exporting the scorm without them getting the blank screen error when they launched the course again.

If youre going to check some scorm packages from the other replies here, Id just note that scormcloud testing isnt really helpful given they automtically start a new attempt, Which bypasses the problem.
So if youre able to troubleshoot in an existing lms and maybe check the cmi values with the refrence points sent before / after changing the scorm, that might point us closer to a better understanding of whats happening ND how youll (maybe?) be able to fix it?

Thanks !

Jessi French

Hi Alyssa! We have run into the same issue with a few of our Rise courses as well. I did manage to get a screen recording from a student regarding this issue and it is exactly as described above. Our user is utilizing an approved and updated browser but this is quite problematic for us from a customer service standpoint and creates an influx of support tickets; as others have mentioned above -  this is not the first course we have seen this happen to. This appears to occur after replacing an updated SCORM in Moodle.

I am working on getting some more data with our most recent issue but it is almost exactly as described by other users above. We are also using Moodle and similar to other users above, we do not want to reset progress for our students. Does Articulate have a solution for this yet aside from deleting the activity and replacing it with the same SCORM? 

As a note, SOMETIMES the issue seems to have been resolved by simply regenerating a SCORM and replacing it within the same activity in Moodle but this time this is not working and we have yet to see this work consistently. 

Can you please advise? 

Angelo Cruz

Hi Jessi! I'm sorry to hear you're having the same problem. I understand resetting a user's progress may not be the best way for you. Would you mind opening a support case and attaching your exported/Scorm files so that we can look into your problem further? Our engineers would be more than happy to help!

Michael Getz

We're encountering this issue as well with Rise 360 courses in Moodle 3.10+. SImplly replacing the SCORM zip with a new publish - even without changing the lesson structure of the SCORM causes the learner who has already started the module to receive a blank screen. Has this been addressed? Are there any viable workarounds? We cannot reset learners' progress because we have 1000+ learners who have completed the modules.