Blank screen after update

Sure I have seen this mentioned in the forum before but I cannot locate it now (the search function is awful).

If I update my content and re-export it to SCORM, after updating the content on my LMS people who have previously launched the content (and not completed the module) are presented with a blank screen when they re-launch (the updated content). This is an issue unique to Rise courses. Please advise if this is a known / replicatable issue. And if there is something that can be done to resolve.

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Sherrie Luke

We are experiencing getting a white page when playing rise course on a Samsung tablet. The white page will appear randomly within the course, refreshing the page takes the users back to the section where they encounter the white page.  Our client as well as our team have tested the course on several different Samsung tablets with different OS versions, all on Chrome with different versions of Chrome.  The white page does not seem to be triggered by a certain action in the course as I've received it when answering a question on the quiz to simply scrolling down a page.  Playing the course on a desktop, no white pages occur, on the tablet I can consistently reproduce the issue.

Crystal Reid

I am also experiencing the white screen issue on 4 courses we are trying to launch.

It only has appeared after a course was updated and learners had previously been in the older version of the course.

I have removed the SCORM packages from my course, reset the reviews/users to showing no progress and uploaded new SCORM packages and the problem still persists.

I also have more than one quiz in my courses, is this an issue?

I clicked on the submit a case link from an earlier post above, noted my issue and when I sent I received a page not found...