Blank screen after update

Feb 27, 2018

Sure I have seen this mentioned in the forum before but I cannot locate it now (the search function is awful).

If I update my content and re-export it to SCORM, after updating the content on my LMS people who have previously launched the content (and not completed the module) are presented with a blank screen when they re-launch (the updated content). This is an issue unique to Rise courses. Please advise if this is a known / replicatable issue. And if there is something that can be done to resolve.

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Sherrie Luke

We are experiencing getting a white page when playing rise course on a Samsung tablet. The white page will appear randomly within the course, refreshing the page takes the users back to the section where they encounter the white page.  Our client as well as our team have tested the course on several different Samsung tablets with different OS versions, all on Chrome with different versions of Chrome.  The white page does not seem to be triggered by a certain action in the course as I've received it when answering a question on the quiz to simply scrolling down a page.  Playing the course on a desktop, no white pages occur, on the tablet I can consistently reproduce the issue.

Crystal Reid

I am also experiencing the white screen issue on 4 courses we are trying to launch.

It only has appeared after a course was updated and learners had previously been in the older version of the course.

I have removed the SCORM packages from my course, reset the reviews/users to showing no progress and uploaded new SCORM packages and the problem still persists.

I also have more than one quiz in my courses, is this an issue?

I clicked on the submit a case link from an earlier post above, noted my issue and when I sent I received a page not found...

Jamie Hamilton

Has anyone resolved this issue?Having the same problem, however it is with all of our RISE courses for all clients, ones who have completed the course as well as new courses. We have also tested in SCORM Cloud, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Any help would be appreciated! LMS is CSOD, and we are contacting them as well. However, the title page for the courses opens, but when start course is selected it goes to a blank page which leads me to believe it is something with RISE. 

Thank you for any help!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jamie. For the courses that have been republished, are you able to clear the suspend data in your LMS? If the LMS is trying to use old progress data for the new version of the course, it might cause an issue with loading. 

We also can work one-on-one with you if you'd like to start a case here!

Jamie Hamilton

Thank you for your responses on here. It looks as though the issue might be stemming from the course opening in a separate screen rather than a tab, but pop up blockers are not fixing it.  Would it help if we ran a fiddler proxy and someone could read the results to determine the cause? Or maybe there is a something we are selecting on export to make it try to open in a new window? Thank you! 

Brian Wiltz

I am having the same issue that started this thread.

After updating a course and exporting last week I have 2 rise courses that open to blank screens regardless of whether a user has access a course previously or not.

The strange thing is if I refresh the window or relaunch the course it works every other time. I have included a screencast of a course launched and you can see that it loads every other refresh.

None of our older rise exports that have been updated do this.  Seems like the issue is a new development.

Help with this issue would be appreciated.

Crystal Horn

Hello, Lieve. Generally, when you update, or overwrite, existing course files in your LMS or web server, learners who previously started the course won't be able to resume where they left off. They'll start over at the first slide in the updated course. This behavior can vary based on how much you've edited the newest version.

We recommend clearing the suspend data because the new version may not understand the suspend data from the older version, and when that happens, you may see a blank screen. The only other option would be to upload the updated version as a new item in your LMS.

Crystal Horn

We don't have plans right now to make changes to how the suspend data works.

We can work with you to enable LMS debug mode in your project to find out what's happening to the communication with the LMS when you update your course, however. Feel free to connect with my team here. It would be helpful to include approximately when the original version was exported.



our team have the same problem and I would like to share our workarounds.
The problem is: Uploading a new version of a Rise Scorm-export causes a blank page for users who previously opened and unfinished the course. Reason is, that the player is not able to handle the outdated variables lesson_location and suspend_data. I agree to Lieve, Rise is the only authoring tool which has this problem. Great support by Peter from Articulate (Case #02248422), but currently no solution unfortunately. I wonder that this problem is known since years, but nothing happened until now. This is not professionel.

We have hundreds of courses in our LMS with the need to update some courses regularly. Deleting of results is not an option. So therefore this a big problem for us!

Known workarounds:
- delete the results of single users
- Do not copy courses, publish the copied courses and then update the scorm-file. Make the changes in the original course, if possible.
- make only small changements, then you have no problem
- change the whole scorm element in the LMS (with automatic generating new states of the both variables) - results will be deleted then.
- influence the variables lesson_location and suspend_data directly in your LMS (if supported by your LMS).

Any other workarounds from you would be very appreciated, because we can not follow these workarounds.

Joyce Maurin

Dear Articulate team,

With my dev we found that this was the lesson_location value that's problematic indeed.

Even if the workaround presented by e Author works (thanks a lot by the way), this won't be a suitable option when we will have to do a huge correction on a prod environment with learners accessing the content.

The issue is opened for 2 years now and that's not the first time we faced it. (thanksfully never in an important context)

Why don't you just fallback to the mainpage if you don't find the way to the lesson_location? What went wrong with the fix you announced 2 years ago:

"If you replace a Rise course inside your LMS with a different Rise course (or even a duplicated copy of your original Rise course), learners will not be able to resume the course where they suspended it before the revision. In this scenario, learners will return to the beginning of the course, but the content should never lock up."!?

Zoran Jancic

For those who use Moodle LMS, the workaround is to access the database through a database client (for example mySQL workbench if you use mySQL database) and issue the following SQL command:

delete from mdl_scorm_scoes_track where scoid=XXXX and element='cmi.core.lesson_location'

Replace XXXX with scoid of the Rise content. You can find it in URL when you open the lesson even if it's stuck on the blank screen. Use this very carefully, on your own risk, because if you mess up the query, you could loose or damage some data in the database. 

Tobias Loke

Hi, we also experience this problem very often. After (minor) changes of the content, all students that did not complete the SCORM content get an "blank page" because the Articulate Rise player is not able to use

- the old suspend data
- and/or lesson location. 

Please fix this issue by changing the player to
- start at the beginning if the lesson location does not longer exist
- parse the suspend data as far a possible and "ignore" no longer existing pages/chapters
- in a worst case scenario display an information like "We are deeply sorry, but due to technical reasons we had to reset your progress" and let the student start from the beginning.

But there is no reason to let the player "crash" with a blank screen if it can not process the old suspend data or lesson location. And an more robust player should not be an big issue (just some try/catch statements).

And the tip to "delete it on LMS" side also does not help, because that requires sometimes hundreds of changes or reset all students that started after change in the content and could continue. 
This "blank page" experience is very unsatisfying for the leaner. It also did cost us a lot of hour to find out, that it is an issue of the articulate/rise player. 

Also if I understood correctly this issue was the topic for several threads and was fixed several times, but seems to be an issue a again a few month later. If I find the older threads again, I will post a link.

Tobias Loke

Hi all, 

the issue is "known" for more than 2 years. It was supposedly fixed in May 2018 but popped up again in 2019.  Storyline was also affected. 

The amount of support this problem causes is staggering! Especially in Covid 19 times with a lot of home office and new "Rise content" (which is often changed/corrected and published again). We have had nearly a thousand cases of affected students over several customers.

We are also an "Articulate Reseller". Our customers to whom we recommended "Articulate" are not pleased.  Especially those customers who have read the community articles (see below) pointing out that the problem has been known for several years.
They might be different problems, but to our customers who use Articulate products it just looks like "the problem has been ignored". 

So for crying out loud: Please fix this known problem!

The "solution" was also suggested several times in one way or another. 
See my earlier post or the suggestion from Nathan Mcilree:
"My guess would be that the developers need to update the code that initialises the SCORM course so that if it does not recognise the location/resume data passed through it catches the error and treats the user as starting again - rather than just erroring in the background and stopping any content loading."

Here the (not complete) history so far: 

# 2018-01-26

# 2018-05-23 suposendly fixed "the problem was a suspend_data incompatibility between the two (versions) courses,"

# 2019-03-10

Looking forward to a solution,

Tobias Loke

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your experience here, Tobias. While we don't have plans right now to make changes to how the suspend data works, we're happy to work with you one-on-one to correct the blank screen issue you're seeing. 

Feel free to connect with my team here. It would be helpful to include approximately when the original version was exported.