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Mar 09, 2017

Would you consider mixing all the block types together? For instance I would like to mix the sorting activity with images. Simply by letting us mix the blocks with the standard content in a module, it would become much more flexible.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Paris for that feedback - I will absolutely pass it along to our Product team, as I could see how that would allow for a lot more customization of the content if you could mix a block with a lesson type. Also, in the meantime I wanted to share a list of all the lesson and block types in case that helps you to see what the options are! 

If you need anything else, please feel free to let us know! 

Robin Wooten

I agree that I would like to use the other types of RISE content within the blocks. To me a lesson is something I want to teach. I would use videos, text, knowledge checks and whatever was appropriate in the optimum combination to teach that lesson. Therefore, I do not view the pre-built "lessons" as complete lessons. To me they are also just blocks or tools to use in the overall lesson. It is frustrating that they appear as separate lessons and are not available to incorporate into a "full" lesson. I would like to have multiple lessons within a RISE course. Am I missing something?

Judith Waugh

Congratulations on creating such a great course. I particularly looked at how the transition operated when moving from a labelled graphic to a block. From the author's perspective, I agree that it would be good to incorporate the content in with a block and not have it appear as a separate lesson. 

However your course flows nicely for a learner's perspective, well done!

Paris Granville

Thanks everyone. When I do full day training, it can be intense. So I started building e-learning courses for the teachers to do. They still do it during the training day, but they work with a partner so that they can talk through their understanding. Today my core team had to teach to the wider audience of teachers. It was clear that the interactivity helped them "own" the content.

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