broken gif - glitchy spot

i've been embedding gifs into rise articulate using the image centered block and it usually works perfectly.  

for some reason, this one particular gif is showing up with a strange spottiness in one part of the image.  if you download the gif and open the downloaded file, it's totally fine.

has anyone else run into this issue?  i've tried adding a new layer over the image with no change.  thank you for any help/suggestions!



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Crystal Horn

Thanks for confirming, Minji. I am seeing the same thing when I open that GIF in Chrome. The figure doesn't have any spottiness.

When I save it and add it back into my own Rise 360 course, I see the spottiness, even after exporting the course and hosting it on web. I noticed that if I change the background color of the block, the background color shows throw on the figure, as though the image has some level of transparency that Rise isn't handling.

I'm going to write this up for my team to have a look. I'm sorry that I don't have a solution for you right now, but I'll update you as soon as I can.

Crystal Horn

Minji, just a quick note. The GIF is also showing the transparent spottiness in Safari and in Firefox when I open the file in those browsers. This suggests that there is an issue with transparency on the GIF that not all browsers or apps will handle. Are you seeing the same thing if you open the GIF file in another browser besides Chrome?