Can I convert an existing quiz to question bank in Rise?

Jan 11, 2023


I built a course with 10 questions in Rise and now SME is adding more questions. I want to turn this into a quiz bank that randomly pulls 10 questions. Is there a way to turn the existing quiz into a question bank? or do I need to build it from scratch? 

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Karl Muller

Hi Maryam Sadigh,

There is a way to get existing Quiz questions into a Question Bank without needing to recreate all the questions.

First, create a new Question Bank, but don't add any questions to it.

Now go to the Rise course that has the Quiz with 10 questions.

Edit the Quiz.

Select the first question from the list of questions.

At the far right, there are three dots. Click on the dots.

You will see three options:

  • Duplicate
  • Delete
  • Add to question bank

Choose Add to question bank.

Select the Question Bank you just created.

Select Add to Bank.