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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elijah, 

You can duplicate lessons within a course, but not from one course to another.

You also have the option to duplicate a course as a whole. For example, if you need to use Lessons 1, 3, and 4 from Course A to start Course B, you can duplicate Course A and then remove the lessons you don’t need.

Adam mentioned recently we are looking at the ability for more course-to-course importing, so stay tuned! You can keep up with all the new features and releases right here

Tanya Corlett

Hi Ashley,

Love Rise, particularly the stunning graphics compared to other products, but here in the rainy UK we're absolutely desperate to have feature that enables copy of a block or section from one course to another.

We produce training for the financial services sector that is customised to each client and the ability to move a module from one course to another would literally save weeks of work.

It would also make the production of eLearning feasible for small communities as the baseline cost of having to start from scratch each time is prohibitive for small learning communities. And, this in turn, I think would enlarge your Rise user market place.

We know how to duplicate whole courses or blocks but that's too crude a mechanism unless you are just topping and tailing a unit or two or changing a few lines of text.

Even the ability to duplicate a course and insert the created copy into another course would be a killer as then we could create a library of modules and stitch them together.

So as I said to Adam, a couple of months ago, enhanced copy feature - 'pretty please'.

Best regards,




Tanya Corlett

Hi Whitney,

It's straightforward as follows:

  1. At the top level - when you can see all of your courses head for the three dots to the top right of the course title - you can duplicate the whole course here;
  2. At the mid-level - when you've opened a course for editing head for the three dots to the right of the words 'edit content' - you can copy a lesson from here to another course; and
  3. At the bottom level - where you have blocks (but not other types of lesson) you can use the template - a newish block feature - to copy all of the elements in a block that you want to reuse, to create a new named template. Then you can use the newly created template to insert the saved elements into as many blocks within the same or other courses to your heart's content.
  4. We're setting up a library of templates - we call them primitives - for course begins, course ends, standard instructions and the like and its saving us a ton of time.



Brent Birdwell

Loving Rise and SL blocks together, but think I found an issue that I hope can be changed.   I hope that I am missing something.   The ability to collaborate is great, but I learned that the collaborating team member can copy lessons from my owned course to his own courses - one by one.   So while a Team collaborator cannot share/export a course (that is not owned by him/her) the team collaborator can still copy my lessons (owned by me) one by one to their own Rise course.

Therefore, collaborators (the client) can actually move my block files and any other lesson from my "owned" course to their "owned" course.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Brent.  Are you in a sticky situation with your client?  I'm not sure what your contract dictates, but it sounds like you work together to produce the course, but you have final control over the product and over making updates down the road.

Let me run this scenario by my team and see what's best here.  Thanks for pointing it out!

Brent Birdwell

Both.  I think the security protection at the lesson level needs to be similar to the protection of the course - or else the owner protection is easily circumvented.

By having security that stops a collaborator from copying a course (currently provided) as well as not allowing copy of a lesson (not provided), the combination of Rise and SL is extremely valuable.

Without the lesson protection, the client can transfer lessons from my Rise account to their own course and then export it freely.