Can I link a single lesson from one course to a button stack within another course?


I am trying to build a glossary using a button stack. I don't want the multitude of glossary words to show up as lessons within the original course but, rather, link out as a secondary full "Glossary" course that can also link back to the word's original location (enter button stack again). My question is am I able to link a single lesson from another course to the button stack instead of a whole other course?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sarah, 

The button stack link allows you to link to another lesson within the same Rise course, but there isn't an option to link to another lesson inside a different Rise course. 

I'm sure you're not alone in trying to link glossary terms and definitions, so you may also want to reach out by posting a new discussion on the Building Better Courses side of ELH and see if there is anyone who can help! That side tends to focus more on design and how to. 

Let us know if you need anything else!