Can I remove continue buttons in scenarios?

Nov 21, 2019

I have a feedback interaction which I'd like to present using a scenario in Rise 360. I've created the scenario but the requirement to press "continue" after each response selection makes the interaction seem very clunky. Is there any way of removing this so that when the user clicks on a response the scenario automatically moves to the next assigned content?

It's something that I was keen to be able to remove anyway, and my client has also commented on it. So if I cannot remove it then we'll have to look at using flip cards instead. (Which would be a shame as otherwise the scenario option is great.)



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Janet McCormick

Hi Alyssa,

I agree with the need to remove the continue button in Rise scenarios. These are a great way to build a natural knowledge check, yet there seems to be no natural way to end the feedback without announcing the end of the scenario. This is unnecessary once the user has responded correctly.

Thank you for your consideration of this enhancement.



Seth Newsome

I'd like to add myself to that request. While the feedback-continue structure makes sense for some types of scenario, when you are trying to simulate an actual back and forth conversation it really breaks the continuity.

My specific request would be to only include the "continue" button if feedback is entered. If the field is left blank, then proceed on to the indicated slide to allow for more authentic dialogue.