Can't edit text today

Jul 07, 2020

I'm struggling with Rise 360 today as the text editing feature is unresponsive with sometimes text being overwritten and sometimes the space bar causing thw whole page to scroll upwards.

I've tried both Edge and Chrome as platforms but it is the same for both.

Any ideas?

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Tanya Corlett

Hi Alyssa,

The system went back to normal-ish after a couple of hours. But it's happened before, and I can't explain it. It's as if the keyboard has suddenly changed its functionality.

One thing stood out when clicking in the gaps between text words or in the middle of a word the cursor changed from being a vertical line to a small blue rectangle a bit like this [] in size.

Tried logging out and rebooting but it made no difference.

Two to three hours later the system went back to normal. But normal is still not completely normal.

After editing text, say for around 15 minutes, the text editor dropdown (that allows you to change boldness, colour, and font size) no longer seems to function.

You can highlight text and select different values, but the changes don't take place. The only way to get the editor working again is to change from edit to preview mode, pause for around 10 seconds, then switch back to editing mode.

The dropdown editor then works correctly again for about 10-15 minutes then stops working again.

This happens with the latest versions of Edge and Chrome, on a Win 10 system with the latest updates.

This editing dropdown oddity has been going on like this for at least six months but is a pain as it disrupts work.

If, as so many have said before we could back up or download our Rise production, we could then find a way of editing the text offline.




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