Can't see/click next lesson link in Rise from iPhone

Hi there

When reviewing a Rise course we developed via Safari on an iPhone 11 Pro (13.5.1) I cannot see the next lesson link ("Continue") at the bottom of the page, unless I move the phone to landscape mode.  I am having the same problem on another iPhone (8), although with the 8 about one third of the "Continue" button is viewable and so if you try hard you can click (touch) it.  We tested it on an Android phone and it worked fine.  This is in "Review" mode.  It has not yet been published to an LMS. 

Is this a known problem?  Any suggestions?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joe!

It sounds like you're running into this problem on Review 360, is that right?

If so, there are two scroll bars you can use to help you reach the bottom of the lesson: an inner scroll bar for the Rise 360 content, and an outer scroll bar for the Review 360 interface.

Check out this short video to see what I mean. 

Be sure to scroll down on both the inner and outer scroll bars, and that should help you see the Continue button at the bottom of the lesson or quiz.

Let me know if that helps you!

Joe Hughes

Okay, thanks Alyssa.  Using the outer scroll bar worked, although it was a bit fiddly.  Will the same issue exist when we move the course to  It's just that it is an unusual thing to have to do and I imagine it would be a problem for a lot of people.  We're so used to just scrolling down from the middle of the screen and it working.  Joe