can you link from one Rise course to another Rise course?

Jul 06, 2020

I want to have the learner click a button at the end of an introductory Rise course, to begin the next course, which is a separate Rise course.

Can that be done?

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Tom Kuhlmann

That's what the LMS does. It manages the learning experience and the learning paths.

If you had you'd get the Rise authoring with the course management and can create a learning path. Otherwise, you load your courses in an LMS and then manage distribution that way.

Without an LMS, you'd need to load the published Rise courses somewhere. And then inside the first course, put a link to the second course. This would open the second course. 

Renz Sevilla

Hi SC! 

As Tom shared, you can leverage the way an LMS works regarding course management and learning paths with Rise!

With Learning Paths you could create an introductory course with succeeding supplemental courses. They would be accessed in order, and allow access to the next part by completing the previous course without any hyperlinking. For more information please see this article on Creating Learning Paths in

If you still need help with, you can start a conversation from within your dashboard, and the Rise Happiness will be glad to help!

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