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Paul Walkinshaw


This could be a very useful block, but I hardly ever use it because I can't customise the BG colour (or remove the step label entirely, but that's a separate thing). Sometimes I use the image carousel if I only need a small amount of text or, if I have the time, build something in Storyline to embed, but both seem like un-necessary solutions to a problem that shouldn't exist.

Alexia Thomas

I assume requests are still being tracked... so +1 for me.

I organize sections by color throughout my courses and this grey is really throwing a wrench in my organization as well as the flow of my material (visually disruptive). Really an oddball (why only this block has a background color that can't be modified).

Lisa Anderson

Hello Community!

Please add my +1 for this feature request.

Also, I've done a work around for this feature that seems to work well in my carousel block posing as a process block without the numbers and with background color, text, and image. I created a PPT with a custom dimension of 6 inches width by 3 inches height in landscape, widescreen to emulate a relatively close size of the process block. I was also able to make the background match the rise default background for the carousel so it might look seem less.

In my PPT, I created a slide for each content item I wanted to use in my carousel (header, text, highlighted text, images, etc.) and save each slide as a .png for just that slide. Then edit the carousel images with the images from the PPT. It's a bit tedious to save the slides one by one, but until Articulate gets this very simple fix worked out, this might help someone in the community who wants a process block look and feel without the numbers, with color, and with images.

Attached is the PPT for a resource to use, if interested.

Take Care,