Change the Background Color for Process Block in Rise

Jun 18, 2021


I can no longer change the background color on the Process Block template in Rise.

Please Help!

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Roger Kenyon

This might work. Export your project to web. In the "lib" folder, open the "main.bundle.css" document in a text editor (not a word processor) and search for "block-process{background-color:#f5f5f5;overflow:hidden}" and change the hex colour to your preference. Artiuclate might change this block in future versions, of course. And make a backup of the "main.bundle.css" in case something goes wrong.

Ben Case

Add +1 on this. It's kind of pointless to have the option to have this interaction if it throws the entire consistency of a course off. Course design 101 is on consistency, so it's really poor not to offer this IMO. My workaround on this is to create a comparable option in S360 and ignore process blocks. Same goes for not being able to change the font color on the step title for this type of interaction (similar complaint on accordion) - makes it literally non-usable from a consistency standpoint. The first course on R360 I made the client complained about this and said to remove those pieces of content from the course entirely after I explained I couldn't adjust them in R360. 

Julie Stelter

Hi Articulate,

If what Brain says is true, that is poor customer service. Your staff monitors this forum very well. I don't understand why the user paying for the service has to take the extra step to request something that should have been in the product design from the start.

In addition, people have been saying +1 for over a year in this thread. I suspect there are other threads with similar requests.

Couldn't the forum monitors track these requests and the feature requests? You could have them start by tracking the "I can't believe they don't have this" requests. The feature request form seems like a black hole where the forum you are communicating with staff.

There are so many things Articulate does well, and then [shaking my head]...



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