Changing Rise Navigation After First Run

Nov 04, 2021


My company is designing an HR toolkit as a required Rise course. However, we want them to be able to access the toolkit and have the ability to go to a particular section without having to retake the entire course.

Question: Can I set nav to restricted for their first time taking? Upon completing the course, is there a way to have the nav change to free?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Paige. A couple of questions for you, if you're testing this course in a learning management system:

  • Are you revisiting the course while it's in progress? If so, do you see the issue?
  • Are you revisiting the course after it's completed? If that's where you're seeing the issue, it could be that your LMS is consider the course complete, at which point it may consider revisiting the course as a whole new attempt without the saved progress. It's still complete, but the data that holds the progress within the actual course could be wiped.

Let me know your thoughts!