Changing the STEP Labels text in Process Carousel??

Sep 19, 2018

Greetings: How can I change the text of the labels in the Process Steps interactive carousel?

 I want to change them from “Step 1, Step 2, etc.”

 Can I get at the html? Or is there a quick way? Was not obvious.


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Colin McEwan

I think there needs to be a carousel that can handle just text or text and image. I'm having to use the process interaction instead of this. And whilst removing the word "Step" is ok, it's not perfect... since you're repeating the numbering already in the bottom of the interaction. And you have to think of an "Intro" and "Summary" for this interaction... When you may just need an interaction that allows you to hide lots of textual content, so it can be delivered at will to the user/learner. Some clients just want all of their text on a page, but this is not great for ux to have a lot of text in one chunk on a page.

Having the ability to use a carousel.... a "Text Carousel" if you will, would be very beneficial. I'm actually amazed you don't have this already in RISE to be honest