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Crystal Horn

Hi folks,

We're seeing this issue in some LMSs, especially older versions of Moodle. However, we aren't able to reproduce this behavior in all LMS environments. We are working to determine if we can make a change to the output that will help. Thank you for sharing what environment you're working in, and the behavior you see.

Crystal Horn

Hi everyone. Thank you for giving us some time to explore this issue.

Chrome has deprecated a technology that was used by many LMSs to allow a course to communicate back to the LMS when the course window is closed. If your LMS hasn't upgraded their system, or if you're using an older version of your LMS that doesn't include an update to address this change, the course cannot communicate progress or completion properly. This causes learners to start over from the beginning instead of resuming a course or recording completion after they close the browser window.

Please reach out to your LMS and find out if they have released an update to address the Chrome changes. If you need support from us with the technical details, please let us know by starting a case with us here.

Karl Muller

Christian, look at the post right above yours from Crystal.

This is not a Rise issue, as it's caused by changes to the Chrome browser that causes it to no longer correctly communicate SCORM results back to some LMS's.

Your vendor needs to update their LMS to use a different communication method to get completion information from Chrome at the end of a learner's session.

Karl Muller
Gracie Hongyang Li

Hello Articulate Community, 

So now I have received many users who are complaining that their course progress are lost after spending 2-3 hours in our courses. 

Is there a way for me to manually mark certain sections/topics complete for them, so that they can go back to the course and to the section where they left off... in Rise

We need a solution for this quickly... our LMS has more than 90000 users...! Help 

Michael Bauer

Hoping this can get sorted ASAP as we are manually having to mark regulatory courses as complete for our learners in our SuccessFactors LMS ready for an audit. For years we have been telling our learners to use Chrome instead of the company-standard IE, to now turn around and tell them to use IE in case they don't click Exit (which is inconveniently placed right next to the broswer X ... one slip, click the wrong one, and all progress is lost).

Karl Muller