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I am trying to create a question in rise but it does not fit a MCQ style format so was trying to come up with a workaround. It is a text based question with a few lines of text in the answer. So was essentially trying to think of a good way for the user to click a button to reveal the answer. Any ideas?

I would prefer the answer to be in the same lesson and so using the go to location button is not ideal.

Is there any chance a free text question will be added?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Fiona!

Have you thought about using the Flashcard Stack or Flashcard Grid interactions in Blocks? You can add the question text to the front of the flashcard and the answer text to the back of the flashcard. With this type of interaction, your learners can read the question, then click the card to "flip it" and reveal the answer. This would serve more as a knowledge check rather than a standard graded quiz question.

We are looking at adding more quiz question types to Rise, although we don't have an ETA for a release date just yet. Our team is continuing to look at all the ideas shared within community and submitted within the Feature Request form to help us shape the roadmap. Thanks for checking it all out!