Closed caption in RISE

Hello all, 

Is there a way to add Closed Caption to a video uploaded into a RISE course? I need to have an uploaded video as I want to follow with a continue button that makes the user complete the video. However, on an uploaded video, I cannot add closed captions. Currently, I am adding a transcript as a downloadable pdf but that means a user that needs the captions will be forced to scrub through the video to continue, not really what I was after. 

Any ideas gratefully received. 

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Steve Morey

Hi Tom, 

That is helpful and is probably the way I'll go. But wouldn't it lead to extra taps on mobile and a larger file size overall? 

Ideally, if we could report back from an embed that the video had played that would be perfect, (I've no idea if such a thing would even be possible). 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Steve!

Videos won't play automatically in Rise on a mobile device, so the learner will need to tap to play the video, no matter if the video is uploaded directly to Rise or if it is part of a Storyline block.

Also, the Storyline block would not increase the overall Rise file size, since the Storyline content is hosted on the web (much like a web object). 

I hope that helps, and let me know if you have other questions!

Paul Morley

The issue we have with regard to uploading the video from Storyline is the drag it creates. Often the video doesn't show within the player for several seconds when hosted from Articulate Review, so doesn't look professional enough to output in this format.

Due to data protection we try not use Youtube and other public hosting sites for our content (I appreciate you can mark content as private - but it's not the safest option).

Stan Dormer

Hi Paul,

You could try what we've done. We generate a video, then edit it in Camtasia 2018 adding captions. We export from Camtasia as either with captions burned in, or with toggleable captions. Camtasia also makes a fair fist of generating captions from audio in the video - albeit that a bit of grammar and spelling correction is needed post caption generation.

We export our captioned video into a Rise Multimedia Video block with the 'Forward seeking' setting option turned off, then follow up with a Continue Divider with setting set to 'Complete block immediately above'.

Camtasia we also use in the same setting to add a music track behind the audio/video recording or to add special effects like notices or advice.

When finished we export as an HTML5 object with controls removed (except captioning control if you want this to be under the user's control) ready for uplifting into the Rise Multimedia Video block. And, for us we've seen very little latency in the triggering of the media start.

Any use?


karen forkish

Since this thread is 6 months old, I'm writing to see if there are any new alternatives for adding closed caption text to videos in Rise.

I have a course that has 5 short videos. I replaced one video with a Storyline block containing the exact same video with closed captioning. This one change for one video increased the size of the LMS zip by more than 4 MB, resulting in a file that is larger than the max size for our LMS.

Do you have any suggestions?

Paul Morley

My preference is to add the video scripting into an interactive text drop down box until CC functionality is available. I appreciate this isn't a perfect solution - but then I find Storyline blocks can often take time to load on our network (making this workaround not great either). So I'm currently opting for what I believe is the better of the two workarounds Karen.