Closed captioning Storyline block is acting up in Rise

Sep 26, 2019


I needed closed captioning in a video in Rise and I followed your instructions how to do Closed  Captions in Storyline then put it in Rise through the Storyline block. I did this but it seems that my navigation is screwy now. I put a restriction on everything and added the "Continue" block below each section but it now allows students to click on the 'Continue button when the video isn't finished. It's like it is Free Navigation instead of Restricted

Has it got something to do with the player?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mikki. In each Storyline interaction, add a course completion trigger to execute once the video is complete, and set the tracking by that trigger when you republish to Review 360. The Rise 360 continue block interaction will look for that Storyline completion to allow learners to click. 

Let me know if you hung up anywhere!

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