Continue Button in Rise not working was set.

Jan 29, 2020

Dear community,

I have several video in rise in which the student is to watch the mandatory compliance video. I put in a continue block with settings of complete the block above. However, when I preview the course or when publish it, the continue button has no restriction and they can progress without watching the video. 

I have tried even changing my course settings to no free navigation to no avail. 

Appreciate any help.



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Crystal Horn

Hello, Tamarah! Thanks for the screencast of what's happening. You're using an embed block to add video to the lesson, but the continue button does not monitor the embed block. Since web content is external, there's no way for the continue button to know when it is completed.

Are you able to download a copy of that video file and add it using a video block?

Jennifer Young

We are doing something similar (embedded video and a contine block). We have no restriction on the course at all, its not for compliance. We are still having issues with some people not being marked complete after the entire course is completed. What data is the continue block passing through? If its used, does it HAVE to be clicked in order for Rise to mark a person complete?

Renz Sevilla

Hi Jennifer! 

If the Continue button's Completion type is set to: "None (Always Show Button)", I would suggest opening up a case with us and sharing a copy of your course so we can investigate further.

If there it is to "Complete the previous block" or "all the blocks above", the continue button does not monitor the embed block. If this is the case, please download the video and use a video block instead.