Collaborating with Team Members in Rise

Apr 10, 2018

When you invite other team members to collaborate in editing lessons within a course, is there any way to track what updates were made by other members? Since the owner is the only one who is able to publish the course, it would be nice to be able to easily locate and review the changes made by other team members without having to review the entire lesson to determine what changes were made.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Hello Maggie

Here's a simple way you can do it:

  • Your team should be connected to you via Review.
  • I'd create a simple course as your master and then publish to Review.
  • From there you build your course with others and publish to review. You could set a daily publish as a standard.
  • In Review, you'll get comments (or you can add your own as instructions).
  • Assign a task to them via the comments (see image
  • They can give a thumbs up when complete and you can resolve the comments in Review.
  • This tracks all changes in the course and all conversation around those changes.
Maggie Merino


When someone shares a link to a course published in Review with me, will I always have to go back and access the file via the link if I wanted to go back and review it again? I notice that there is no other way to see the courses shared with me in Review as only the courses I publish myself display in the My Content library.

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