Color change RISE background? Black?

Jul 09, 2017

Some of our courses have a black/dark theme...and they would feel more on theme if the 'customize theme' settings allowed for black-background/white-font setting.  Anyone else agree?

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Ros McNamee

So I assume then since this was posted 7 months ago that the feature request was ignored. Unfortunate, since making courses look and feel different from each other is key to selling an idea to stakeholders. Something as simple as changing background color shouldn't be hard to implement and I have made a feature request for it now.

More customization in Rise moving forward will help it take over as the authoring tool to go to, instead of being something on the side like most people use it for.

Looking forward to the future.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Richard,

We have a feature request logged for settings to change the master theme background color in Rise but it’s not something available right now.

You do have the option of changing the background color on most blocks individually. To do this go to Edit and then Settings on the block you desire to change.

In terms of customizing the Rise background with a watermark - we'd love to hear more about that.

I’ve included your comment in the feedback to our product team. If I can help with anything else, please let me know.

SibaPrasad Padhi

Black theme for the Rise courses needs to be added as this a more awaited to support 508 compliance and accessibility to the course to support disable or partial users. Can this feature can be added to create new courses by selecting White/Black theme and accordingly the blocks should reflect to add inside the new courses.  

Michael Glueck

It's crucial to have the option to adjust the background colour of courses to any HEX colour. It is about branding and diversifying content. There is proof that e.g. darker background colours can help with eye fatigue and improve overall learning effectiveness. And that's what we are all here for.  Despite improvements in newer versions, with coloured backgrounds for blocks, the persistent white intro page and headers undermine the effectiveness of a black or coloured background. This feature was requested seven years ago, and its development shouldn't be overly time-consuming, as you have it for all other design blocks already.