Completion and LMSFinish Issue

Oct 29, 2021


I have created a course in Articulate Rise. I have built a separate quiz in our LMS and when loaded in our Informetica LMS, there is a feature to redirect from the eLearning to the quiz when the eLearning module marks complete. In order to make this work, I need both a completion trigger and LMSFinish (exit?) to be triggered in the eLearning/Scorm package. 

As I created the course in RISE and there is no quiz built in, I'm hoping to track completion using a Storyline block. I created a simple slide in Storyline with some text and an "exit course" button. I tried putting 2 triggers on the button, one to "Complete course - Completed/Passed when the user clicks the button" and one to "exit course when the user clicks the button". I published this slide to Review 360, added a storyline block (Interactive -Storyline) to the end of the eLearning and selected the slide with 2 triggers from Storyline, then exported in Scorm 1.2 with tracking set to the storyline block. 

When I test this in Scorm cloud and Informetica's LMS though, the completion doesn't register. When I revise the Storyline block piece to just have the completion trigger on the exit button (no trigger to actually exit the course), completion registers, but if I add both the triggers to complete the course when the button is clicked and exit the course when the same button is clicked, the completion doesn't register. Any idea why I can't get both the completion and exit course triggers to work?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Laura. The trigger in Storyline to exit the course is firing quickly enough that the Storyline completion information isn't being picked up by the Rise 360 course completion requirement.

In Storyline, the completion trigger says the Storyline interaction is complete. The exit course trigger will work to close the entire SCORM window, ending communication with the LMS. Rise 360 doesn't get a chance to check the Storyline completion when that happens.

Instead, can you redesign the language in the Storyline interaction to instruct learners to click the Exit Course button in Rise 360? It's available when exporting your enitre Rise 360 course for LMS. On that same slide in Storyline, you can have the course completion trigger fire at the beginning of the timeline so that it is registered by Rise 360 as completed.

I hope that helps!

Laura Boyd

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for the follow up!

If I understand correctly, you are saying that the "exit course" trigger in Storyline happens too fast to register completion, even though the completion trigger is on the Storyline button first. It's good to know, as there is nothing in the build that prevents both triggers from being added to one button/warns that this will happen.

For now I had found a solution in changing it so there is no Storyline block and set it to mark complete with 90% of slides viewed in the Rise 360 publishing settings and added a button in Rise 360 to exit the course (I didn't use the built-in publishing option to add an "Exit Course" button, as I think this adds the "exit course" to the top right and I thought and actual button at the bottom of the eLearning would be more visible to new LMS users). That said, this seems to be working for now, but it's great that you have offered a backup idea of adding a Storyline slide with a completion trigger set to when the timeline starts in combination with the "exit course" option in Rise 360.   

Do we know how much time is needed between the completion trigger and the exit trigger for it to register?  Just wondering if it will always be enough time between completion triggering at 90% of slides viewed or alternatively at the start of the timeline of the final slide and when the user manually clicks the "exit course" button to register the completion. I hope this makes sense. 

Thanks again,