Completion issues with Rise courses

We have multiple learners across different instances experiencing the same issue:

A learner will work through their course and sees the sections checking off. Once they exit the course they are not seeing completion in Learndash. If the learner re-enters their course progress is saved and the sections are still checked off.

It seems the completion statement is sending but leaving the learner in this specific state.

The issue is not affecting all of our users and I unable to find a commonality between the users that are experiencing the issue.

The LMS we are using is Learndash.

We are exporting our courses as Tincan packages.



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Paula Fluckiger

This intermittent issue is really a problem for us too. We use SuccessFactors as well. We all use Chrome as our browser; from corporate to all stores using the training system. A huge percentage of people are completing the course in question without an issue but then there are employee's here and there that can't seem to get it to complete no matter how many times they attempt it. I have checked all settings and they are set to count the number of pages viewed. I see no issues that would be causing some to get it done quickly and others to not be able to complete it without manual intervention. 

This is so frustrating to us that we're about to stop using Rise and stay within Storyline since it didn't exhibit this issue when we were using it exclusively.