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Mar 20, 2023

I have loaded many Rise courses in our internal LMS and I have never had the issue I am currently facing. I exported the course in Rise using SCORM 2004 and selected track using course completion. I then loaded the exported course in our LMS and went through to take the course (to make sure everything came over correct). That being said, when I complete the course it still shows as an "in progress" status in the LMS. Any ideas if it is a setting or something related to my Rise course? Any help would be much appreciated! 

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Stuart Johnston

Hi Abbey,

I hate to report that we've been having this issue on and off for years now, without much 'support' success between our LMS provider and articulate support.  Articulate support will tell you to ensure you've tested using SCORM cloud.

A useful suggestion i've had in the past was to ensure the following settings in the scormdriver file:




To do this - you have to:

1. Export the package from articulate as normal

2. Select the SCORM file and 'extract all'

3. Open the scormdriver.js file 

4. Find the settings mentioned above and check they are set correctly.  If not correct, change them, re-save the file.  If correct, exit, proceed to step 5

5. Re-zip (compress) the SCORM file

6. Import to LMS

Abbey Keller

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue. Is there a support team that I could submit the course to for review or that would have additional resolution tips?  We also contacted our internal LMS and they have ensured us that is is not an issue with the LMS but an issue with the course at the level of being exported. Thanks again for any information you can provide.

Stuart Johnston

Hey Abbey

I had same issue.  LMS provider pointing to issue with SCORM package or authoring tool, then articulate unable to replicate behaviour and suggesting its an issue with LMS. Have been going back and forth like this for 2 years.

Suggest logging a ticket with articulate via the link Karl has posted below.

Abbey Keller

Thank you everyone for your suggestions/help. We found a solution to the above issue that worked for us. We did this by copying the course and renaming it to appear as a different/new course. I then made a team member a collaborator and made them the Course Manager. They then exported the course as usual and then reloaded into the LMS. We had success with this method! Thanks again for all your help.