'Continue' block completion with embedded video


I've added a 'continue' block (under an embedded video block) and changed the completion type to 'complete block directly above'. However the 'continue' block always changes to its completed state whenever the course is viewed.

I know the state change of the 'continue' block works as expected with a video uploaded directly to Rise, but I was hoping to restrict progress until the learner has viewed an embedded video. Does anyone know if this is possible? 


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Crystal Horn

Thanks, Phil!

Here's the relevant info from our user guide on what continue blocks monitor:

You can use continue blocks to require learners to complete carousel blocks, checkbox lists, audio blocks, video blocks, accordions, tabs, labeled graphics, processes, sorting activities, flashcards, knowledge checks, and Storyline blocks. (Although button blocks and attachment blocks are interactive, you can’t require learners to complete them.)