Copying and pasting content into Rise, ensuring the current formatting in Rise is preserved

Jan 06, 2022

I am creating block templates, with predefined formatting (i.e. font size and color). I want to be able to copy and paste content into these templates, while preserving the formatting of the text. 

Currently, when I paste content into Rise (using 'Paste as Plain Text') the formatting in Rise gets overwritten, and I have to reformat the text to the size and color that is required. This somewhat defeats my intended purpose of the block template.  

Is this issue due to something I am doing wrong? 

Or is it not possible to preserve the formatting of the text when pasting into Rise? 

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Karl Muller

Hi Aimee,

We have created a Block Template for every Rise block type used by our organization. These block templates are styled and formatted to match the visual style guide of our organization.

When we build a new Rise course, we only use blocks from the Block Template library. It saves a lot of time, and also ensures style consistency between team members.